I’m based in the north of England and do a variety of stuff in life including teaching, music and community/environmental activism (plus some animal rights and anti-racist/fascist stuff).
I’m a Green Party activist but have no intention of using this blog to promote the party. Rather it is from a broad left and general anti-establishment perspective.

My standpoint is influenced by socialist, anarchist and green thinking, but I’m not knee jerk anti-market and am generally open to all views. I quite like having my opinion shifted if the logic and evidence persuade me. I may seem more on the economic left than I am, only because orthodox narratives have shifted so much to the right. In fact, I’d probably be happy with some form of not-very-authoritarian social democracy.

I like to make observations that none or few others seem to be making. My main challenge in writing is brevity!

These articles are mostly based on current issues and themes and their backgrounds, especially in UK news.

It’s been shown (e.g “The Corporation” film) that global finance capital operates in a psychopathic fashion increasingly dominated by criminality and fraud that the political class refuses to address very much other than by lip service. They, and much of the news media, are basically servants of the biggest crime-wave in history.

Oh, and I have a special disdain for bigotry such as based on ethnicity, gender, sexuality, faith. This certainly includes bigotries carried out in name of any of these groups too.

Solutions start with simply recognising our own humanity, deepening and sharing appreciation of it’s qualities instead and building genuine relationships on trust and a positive vision. This is far preferable to accepting any myth that we are cogs in a machine, lucky to squeeze out some pleasures if we behave ourselves.

We may feel powerless to change the world, but it can be quite easy to change our street, community or workplace. If more people did that we’d already be getting somewhere at least.

Hope you enjoy the stuff and share if you think it’s worthwhile.



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