The Hopkins Phenomenon

People keep going on about a person called Hopkins. At the risk of giving even more undeserved attention to the subject, I’ll just say the following, not as anything personal, but to illustrate a phenomenon she typifies.

She’s an A1 example of why people are turning their backs on mainstream media (MSM)

She emerged from a reality type game show thing, where doing stupid tasks at the behest of some bighead is deemed “serious” and something akin to “the world of business”.

I don’t know much about her beyond that because I’ve never managed to listen to her for more than perhaps 30 seconds. What I did hear tended to be stupid, strange, reactionary and pompous.

Now it seems there is an unwritten law that she is to be given airtime to spout her bibble at least once a week. People disliking and disagreeing with her doesn’t dissuade the broadcasters – that’s part of the attraction, beyond her being a general spokesperson for Project Hate.

Then, in a circle of self perpetuating bullshit, there’s a strong magnification of her own belief in the myth of her credibility, relevance and righteousness.

It would probably be more informative to listen to random people on a Facebook thread, but informative isn’t what any of this is about. It’s just wall to wall shite – clunking simplistic views, turgid clichés, general noise and sensationalism.

People increasingly get their opinions from non or less “famous” folk via blogs, internet radio and other sources, rather than endure panto level rent-a-gobs served up by the MSM, with which less and less people bother.

So, in desperation, the MSM get more and more sensationalist and stupid. It’s all they really know.



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Policital / community activist (community, mutual aid, environment, animal rights, activist support, anti racism, anti corporate, anti cuts, things like that) In and out of context of above stuff: Green Party activist - on committee of north west regional party (note: This is NOT a party or party plugging blog. I have not been a candidate for 4 years and don't anticipate being one in at least the next 4) Musician - Plenty of of pro experience, mostly jazz and folk but rock / pop / soul etc all fine and groovy, just tell me the tune and I'd hope to be up and running on minimum fuss. Piano, accordian, vox. Teacher - about 16 years in schools, FE, Adult Ed, private tuition, workshops etc. Qualified in music but lots of random subjects done in supply.
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2 Responses to The Hopkins Phenomenon

  1. You have two consecutive posts with a single letter difference at the end of each title. I never heard of Katie Hopkins before, but I’m in the U.S. We don’t get much UK reality TV aside from what’s on BBC America. Considering what I saw of her opinions and lack of manners, it’s just as well I didn’t know who she is.

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