Groundhog Hate:Time To Turn Off And Tune Out (Tell Your Friends)

The run up to the General Election will see Tories announcing new policies attacking the poor and migrants, on at least a weekly basis.

Their election strategy is overseen by Lynton Crosby, a nasty piece of work who happens to be an immigrant. But don’t panic! He won’t destroy the economy or steal children like the horrid type of immigrant. He’s Australian (and not one of the yucky dark brown ones who’ve lived there for eons).  So breathe easy, he’s a more acceptable immigrant because…well…you know…

It need not be emphasised that these endless attacks are based on wanton disinformation, fear and the stoking of hate. Nor need it be over-stated that they serve as a distraction from the systemic crimes and psychopathy of global finance capital and its servant governments.

So many of us make these points so repeatedly that we must be at the point of diminishing returns. So I’m more concerned that the broad population better understand the scale of the takeover of news management, and that we encourage them to turn their backs on it.

For it’s often not what’s said in each item/debate that matters as much as how and why that item/debate is being aired in the first place. Filling 24 hour news media with limited budget often leads to a very lazy scheduling of “talking points”. Standards have deteriorated. Supposedly credible “journalists” are endlessly manipulated. “Flat Earth News” by Nick Davies remains a prime work on this topic.

Each Tory policy announcement will command hours of phone-ins, acres of newspaper coverage and squillions of pixels online. That’s the idea. Orwell’s “2 minute Hate” turns out to have been a severe under-estimation. It’s become a 24/7 operation.

The tagline of this blog, “Because the establishment thinks we’re stupid” is genuinely true. Public Relations, going back at least as far as Edward Bernays, has expertly and purposefully targeted our psychological weak spots.

I believe one of the best hopes we have is to continuously undermine people’s faith in, and dependence on, mainstream media narratives. It’s a message that is often very well received.

I used to be glued to mainstream news (typically via large amounts of Radios 4 and 5). Around a year ago the fuse to my radio blew, I didn’t sort it out for a week. By then, I realised how much better I felt, free from the constant irritation. Now I just check in from time to time, mostly to keep up with what the lies are, and how they are being told.

We can easily keep track of what’s going on without drip feeding ourselves on psychic toxins. Much of what we get in social media newsfeeds may be from establishment sources, but we can be more objective and selective about what we digest, instead of having the propagandameisters dictate the script. The “debate” served by our own mainstream media is largely utter tripe, and deeply predictable.

From an early age I watched BBC Question Time with religious devotion, but stopped about 3 years ago, and don’t miss it a jot. At once both pompous and turgid, the majority of what is said by panellists is a result of party-line briefing carried out a few hours beforehand. We can know what nonsense is being spouted via Twitter and watch any few worthwhile minutes on YouTube later.

“Alternative” news sources may not always be reliable, but we can have our eyes open about that, and the competition for credibility from the mainstream is increasingly flimsy. There’s also a broader range of establishment sources. Although it’s a state broadcaster with a deep bias, Russia Today has become very popular for at least having a different bias to break the monotony. While it shouldn’t be relied on for objectivity about Putin & Co, it often presents a fresh critique of the misdeeds of the US and UK establishments.

Finally, I accept it’s easy enough for me to say all this, as I’m not a victim of the hate agenda.  But many are, for example the number of children who report having been the victims of racist bullying, which has increased sharply.

No apology from the filth responsible, it hardly got discussed at all. The establishment acts like it is taken as read that bullying is bad, while it’s actually the well-head of bullying in our society.

Knowing who is being attacked and how by bully-scum politicians and press is reason to stay abreast of the agendas and spin.  But it’s not a reason to subject oneself to constant repetition of the filth and the consequent anger.  Buddhists say that to be angry at someone is like drinking poison and expecting them to die.

It’s high time we turned our backs on endless concocted, bilious narratives. We should encourage others to do the same.


About watermelonbloke

Policital / community activist (community, mutual aid, environment, animal rights, activist support, anti racism, anti corporate, anti cuts, things like that) In and out of context of above stuff: Green Party activist - on committee of north west regional party (note: This is NOT a party or party plugging blog. I have not been a candidate for 4 years and don't anticipate being one in at least the next 4) Musician - Plenty of of pro experience, mostly jazz and folk but rock / pop / soul etc all fine and groovy, just tell me the tune and I'd hope to be up and running on minimum fuss. Piano, accordian, vox. Teacher - about 16 years in schools, FE, Adult Ed, private tuition, workshops etc. Qualified in music but lots of random subjects done in supply.
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