Courts, Celebs And Cesspit Tabloids.

Two high profile court cases are getting at least as much attention for side-issues to the accusations than the accusation themselves.

The phone hacking trial is immensely challenging and complex for jurors, press and us to follow. So there is an increasing tendency to focus on some very out-of-date gossip that emerges from celebs and others having been spied on.

Another case has brought someone’s day to day life to the fore, to be pored over endlessly by varied sections of the media.
There is increasing evidence that someone, not any of the accused, has a drug problem. She is famous for cooking shows on the telly, has a famous dad (former politician) and a media based brother who happens to be MI6.

The daily front page goading of anyone who seems to such a problem, no matter their “celebrity”, is deeply disgusting. Tabloid media are the biggest bullies in the nation. Bar none. Racism, sexism…you name it…they love to stir it up. 

From there, children and adults alike get the message that it’s ok to indulge in nasty, scorning gossip, speculation, lies and hate. 

One day they may hound someone famous to suicide. Less famous victims of tabloid bullying, such as Lucy Meadows, have already taken that path, but they don’t count because they’re not CELEBS!!!! 

One newspaper set up another singer/presenter “celeb” in a drug-deal sting and has whooped with joy about it ever since. One front page headline speculated she may be suicidal. Obviously, such headlines are unlikely to help her mental health, and the people responsible for the article are unlikely to give a damn. The ethics of entrapment are themselves dubious, but to use pretense of “public service” as cover for ongoing public attacks and speculation is, again, beneath contempt.

What if one day there is actually is a CELEB SUICIDE!!!! The toxic tabloids will have hit the jackpot, but will not be able to say so. So they will weep crocodile tears and devote pages of utter dross to the tragedy, in the hope that once again it pushes up circulation.

Remember how they all said they’d behave after Diana died? How long did that last? Not long, because they think we’re well dense.

It’s one thing that the tawdry end of the press fixate on addiction problems as gossip-fodder. People who’ll spy on murdered children and exploit child abuse for political attacks will sink to very low depths.

But who on earth at the likes of the BBC thinks a story of a person on the telly having taken drugs is worth frequent updates?

Obviously, they didn’t manage give so much attention to HSBC money laundering for Mexican drug cartels under a bloke who became a trade minister. But that only involves systemic corruption and mass beheadings of NON CELEBRITIES, so is a bit of a “yawn” really.


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