Murdoch : A Modern Myth.

In the wake of the latest Murdoch tapes, a Channel 4 News report stated as fact that Rupert Murdoch was “humiliated” over the hacking affair.

Humiliated to show up for a couple of hours before going off to enjoy his billions as normal? That must be so awful.

Humiliated in the sense that a 15 year old mutters “sorry” to the deputy head for swearing at a dinner lady? Who could ever get over that?

And Lo! it turns out that his real attitudes are very different from the transparently faux humility he laid on before the Commons Select Committee. It’s almost as if he might have enough money be trained by some of the world’s top coaches.  No – Really? You don’t say! (well the media didn’t manage to twig it on the whole)

A myth has been constructed from that period, and not just that he “performed well” on the same day as he was supposedly “humiliated”.

Very soon after the scandal first broke we were treated to the vile spectacle of MPs suddenly denouncing him en masse in The Commons for a whole afternoon – the same MPs who had been cowed for years, and who will buckle under the pressure of his festering rags and reactionary TV stations before the next General Election is behind us.

After that Commons session the press talked of a tangible sense of relief in the chamber as if it was a actually good thing. On the contrary,  it was a nauseating testimony to generations of genuflecting before a foul specimen, and utterly degrading “democracy” in doing so.

To bring in a school analogy again, it was like a whole class thinking it a top hoot to pull faces behind an oppressive teacher’s back as soon as s/he is is out the class, but remaining pathetically servile and obedient whenever the gaze is on them.

That’s understandable in children. We don’t vote for, or pay timid children to supposedly “represent” us.

Murdoch has presided over generations of sewer standards, bilious hatred and cold political manipulation of millions of people. He has been supremely well rewarded for it. A psychopathic system rewards psychopathy, spying on at least one young murder victim of a paedophile is just one hellish incident among a litany. Chances are we still don’t know the half of it.

The many millions who swallowed his huge corporate establishment lies should, in many cases, be ashamed.They are probably no less mouthy than ever they were in repeating the lies in the first place. Arrogance and ignorance are the commonest of bedfellows.

Far from being “humiliated”, Murdoch continues to rake money in and yield more influence than the Commons clowns will admit. The rest of the media are not nearly as rid of his toxic curse as they like to pretend either.

His papers are still best sellers. Perhaps next time you know a friend or family member has purchased one you can ask them what it is about spying on a paedophile’s murder victim that isn’t all THAT bad?

Those who denounce him now surely aren’t that different in number or leaning to those who did so before the hacking scandal. It’s just that they are more proven in their case and the establishment looks a lot sillier to those with eyes to see.

He will not be humiliated till at least the point where he is in the dock in some country, though he may terrify too many for administrations to put him there. Bowing and scraping before the kind of scum who exploit child abuse for money is very much the style of many “leaders”.

Why do the media slop out this nonsense narrative about “humiliation”? Because they assume we are thicker than mince. As so often, the pertinent question is “Are they right?”


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