The State Is Destroying Social Work

Below is a reproduction, by kind permission of the writer, of a powerful post that just went on Facebook comments under a video put up by “The Artist Taxi Driver”. I could learn a lot from the writer about brevity LOL.

Link to video at bottom. For those not familiar with him – he’s very good and he shouts quite a lot.

The State has destroyed the true nature of Social Work:

I am a social worker and I am very proud of my profession. As a human being coming from a disadvantaged background I chose to dedicate my life and skills to assist other disadvantaged people to have a voice. The essence of social work is beautiful, the states dirtying of the profession IS not.

Whilst studying for my degree, I learned about basic principles of psychology including Maslow’s hierarchy of need. I learned about unconditional positive regard and the power it can have in freeing individuals to believe in their true worthy place on the planet.

I learned the art of communication, equality, diversity, human rights. I learned about my duty to protect the best interests of the most vulnerable members of society until they regain their own strength and thus ability to retake control of their own lives.

I am passionate about my career, because I am passionate about human beings and my duty as a human being to support the more vulnerable members of my society.

I was not taught about writing lengthy reports on people I barely know (which could have the potential to be damning to their entire future lives). I was not taught the social work is about giving people the bare minimum the state can get away with to pacify the masses even when it may not be in the best interests of the masses.

I was not taught that to be considered my fundamental duty would be to the state, even when the state is clearly not acting in the best interests of the people it has a duty to protect.

I was not taught about gagging orders or whistle blowing policies or fear from the agency I naively believed was created to protect the best interests of the child.

I was taught that I have a duty to stand up for social injustice. I was not taught that by doing so I would be threatened with my career, told that I am an inadequate social worker, made to believe that the failing to keep these people quiet would be blamed on me.

I was not taught that I would be encouraged to lie to Ofsted inspectors to protect an institution and an income that my own children rely on to be fed. I was not taught that if I did my duty and worked for the best interest of the people that I would be questioned and made to feel that I was inadequate and a bad social worker. I was not taught that I could expect to become wealthy off the back of vulnerable people if I chose to compromise my morality for wealth.

I find it curious that people who are employed to care are forced to not care to enable them to climb the career ladder……

Here is my answer to you state run social services, I am a Social Worker, I am proud of my profession. My profession is about using my skills to protect the best interests of vulnerable people and I may not be rich or aspire to be rich BUT I have every intentions of using my skills to do the right thing. If I wanted to go into business and make money being ruthless I would have spent my valuable time and life on a degree in Business.

I chose to invest my time in people and I will continue to invest my time in people.

You can threaten me with unemployment for speaking out but you cannot silence me because I stand for all of the vulnerable people denied their entitlement to a decent service and all of the wonderful social workers accused of being ‘sick’ because they stand for this.


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3 Responses to The State Is Destroying Social Work

  1. Amie says:

    This is very well-said. The people is our priority and our inspiration to beat the obstacles in pursuing the goals of being a Social Worker.

  2. Amie says:

    Reblogged this on sillyconqueror and commented:
    This is a true passion a social worker MUST have.

  3. Amie says:

    He’s liberating in the video but gosh, he shout and swear allot..and I can’t see his eyes.

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