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Exploiting Lee Rigby’s Death – A Brief Guide

Jingoists, with the strange idea that being randomly murdered is heroic. Racist/fascist bigots,  delighted at the recruitment opportunity (which will probably not be very effective in the medium term because they are too stupid and violent). Authoritarians like Theresa May, … Continue reading

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“Getting The Banks Lending”– Huge Corruption Scandal Under Our Nose?

Apologies for linking to The Daily Mail link. Strange days. They happen to be doing a fair bit on the issue at the moment. “We must get the banks lending” is a phrase that’s now been patronisingly trotted out … Continue reading

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Tabloids Exploit Child Abuse – More Evidence.

A 56 page report from West Yorkshire Police about their part in the Jimmy Savile case, released yesterday (Friday 10th May), gave no apology for any failings. Despite being warned from elsewhere of investigations against him, investigations that were scuppered … Continue reading

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