Another “Christian” Hell-bent On Discrediting The Faith.

Ok, I don’t always do theology here,  but it is an interest of mine. As for my beliefs, though they are not orthodox, I’ll just say that if I was an atheist I could never have been this angry, this type of story delights many atheists:

Once more, a know-all “Christian” pronounces judgement on same-sex relationships. This time the former Archbishop of Canterbury, George Carey, says we are going to end up like nazi germany or something if he doesn’t get his way, dressed as he was for a great deal of time in a chuffin’ frock, and fond of purple or a fetching turquoise for some of the big occasions. Not forgetting that he oversaw a church that wouldn’t even exist without an enormous row about marriage, featuring a murderous 2 faced glutton as arch protagonist.

A cynic might say that, with a new AB of C about to be selected, Carey was just popping up with something mindlessly controversial to remind us all who he ever was. I’ll remind you: He was limp, useless and as forgettable as the fact that everyone had forgotten him clearly shows.

The level of offence is staggering,  not least to the countless unsung anti fascists in this country who happen not to be myopic blaspheming fools.

Oh yeah, and then there’s the actual victims of the nazis, maybe not the Christians who stitched up deals but you know – the millions of Jewish people, the socialists, the disabled and the er.. gay people (not that the Nazi Party wasn’t short on them, but that’s a story for another time, or as very well told by Johann Hari in a piece I believe he even wrote all by himself)

This story made me so angry I actually forgot how psychopathic the tory party was for a good portion of the evening.

In one way it’s worse than Palpatine, sorry Pope Ratzinger,  and his dubious under qualified bigotries: People may bang on about his and the Roman churches many “unfortunate” relationships with Fascism, at least he doesn’t make up stuff about others being at it.

Thus, I drag out again a simple case against homophobia being invoked in the name of Christianity:

Christianity is named after Jesus Christ (Christ being a state of consciousness, certainly more than it is a surname but anyhow…)

In all scripture, in and out of the books that got selected for The Bible, Jesus was so concerned about same sex relationships that he forgot to mention them at all. Perhaps they just made him too angry or something. But whatever the case, they ain’t there.

Simple as. See that homophobes? It spells “Fail”. Time to dwell on something else, preferably with a modicum of grounding, moral and spiritual relevance.

That there is no grounding in scripture for these “conservative” views  attributed to the front man of the cause – well it hardly makes them “conservative” at all, more sort of “hatefully concocted and swallowed by people with no capacity to think for themselves”. OK, I know….

But wait, the knowing and patronising retort  makes an appearance, for surely Judeah’s Most Famous Carpenter rested on the teachings of the Old Testament and Jewish tradition?

Yes, of course, silly us – one passage in a bunch of dullard legal stuff purporting to be the word of god. Some “teaching and tradition” that amounts to, and  dubious even in the claim to be at least 2nd hand diktat of an “eternal truth” entity itself well known for curiously erratic behaviour and changing of rules in a not very “eternal truth” way.

But here’s the central problem, as I see it, for citing traditional Judaism as some cast iron evidence that JC would go along with something so scarcely mentioned even in that tradition anyhow:

In scripture there are 3 prime classes of people who JC fell out with, or got up the nose of:

1) The Roman Imperialist Oppressor – this is probably exaggerated, apart from fairly locally, few probably had no clue who he was.  Imagine that, considered even less significant than George Carey!  (as a historical side note – the Herod baby killing episode looks quite shaky in accuracy –  false “baby killing” propaganda does seem to go back a long way before the first Gulf War)

2) The capitalists in the temple : only a single incident, though it is notable, and Our Lord can’t be said to have been a materialist, it rather goes against the whole spiritual paradigm if you think about it (“Eye of a needle” isn’t a lapse into surrealism though, just a very narrow gate in city)

I should have counted backwards really, for head and shoulders above all else, the topper-most haters of JC: The bureaucrats and preening egos of the orthodox priesthood!

They seem to be prime in agitating for, and conspiring in his state execution. He was forever in stinky rows with them. Even at the age of 7 it seems he really didn’t need them telling him what to think.

Yet the homophobes of today expect us to believe he went along with every last word they uttered. It neither stands up historically or theologically. And who parades around today telling us what Jesus would want with no grounding? Strike a light! – ‘Tis preening egos of the priesthoods, especially those of faiths born of Abraham it seems. Plus ca change innit?

If Christianity really isn’t about the teachings and examples of Jesus at all, but just an excuse to prop up our social attitudes,  tagged on to some stuff about god (not always an essential concept to the dear old C of E to be fair) ,  and leaning on the good reputation of Jesus for mostly branding purposes, it’s high time certain people came out and admitted it, instead of continuing to discredit His name.

But one more thing: This ghastly and hollow man chose Birmingham to air his stupidity, leapfrogging the tory party conference with a load of other oddballs and sanctimonious freaks, gaggling around to cheer his paranoid fantasy: As he warned of this Reich-ian menace who, in the form of conservative “culture war” opinion was he addressing?

A movement that stokes hatred of disabled people, with propaganda rags in tow to call them “liars”;  A movement that despises the left and dreams of smashing unions; A movement rather over enamored with nationalism, forever moaning about migrants and foreigners almost as if they were “lesser” in some kind of way; A hugely corrupt movement, in the pockets of massive corporations while claiming to speak for “the common man”; A movement that, despite this corruption, brays about the need for law, order, discipline and is not afraid to look to the past; A movement that, during a massive economic depression, deems that those without work are “workshy scroungers..a burden”.

You know where this is going, but I dare-say Lord Carey is too tragically dim to compute the glaring irony, or perhaps he’s too busy thinking about gay people again,  for reasons best known to himself.

Jesus wept. And it’s sometimes pretty obvious why.


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