Quick Update On Spanish Situation.

This is a brief and hastily gathered collation, including some links and folks to follow on Twitter.

In case you didn’t know : many 10s have thousands have been surrounding the parliament every day this week calling for the government to resign. There was also a recent march of a million for independence of Catalonia.

I most wanted to relate the observations of  a school-friend who now lives in Malaga City.

4 posts on Facebook this evening: The top 3 are a bit more time relevant. (4) is more general and broad picture. I have bolded the bits in 4 that struck me as most vital to get across.

1)  “A few hours ago all news agencies were banned from the plaza and cameras removed the PP cite exceptional circumstances God knows what the police are going to do they’re bad enough when there’s cameras around.”

(having said that she later reported that live streaming was still happening anyway, sounds like the state’s efforts might not be all they would hope)

2) “ the people arrested the other day, the judge has said there are grounds for charging them with sedition and with a 5 year stretch minimum”

Check that out – proper draconian stuff. Gloves off. Will it make things worse or better? (What is worse or better?)

3) “ one guy was left tetraplegic on the first night by a policeman jumping on his back fortunatly it seems he will recover with therapy it’s apparantly shock to his spinal cord and it’s not severed so he will eventually recover movement but according to the home secretary the police acted ‘impecably’ “

(link to some police brutality below)

4) “Things are getting really really bad the military association (mainly retired have to say)have sent an open letter saying that Catalunia had better remember what happens to seperatists and that if the politicains don’t do something about them the military will. The PP say they won’t allow a referendum on independence and will take “all steps necessary” to prevent Catalonia seperately from Spain. My friend’s just found out that apart from loosing her summer and xmas bonus and having had her wages cut by 15% on top they’re going to loose another 5% in January so now she’ll be getting just 800 euros a month for a forty hour week and she’s an excellent example of what’s happening.. even if you work you can’t live on the wages, the soup kitchen by my house is now serving over a 1000 people a day and so it goes on but hey have to save the banks. We haven’t even had the pigging “rescue” package yet I don’t even want to think about what cuts will come in then.


Youtube of police violence the other night.


To follow on Twitter:




Regardless of an inflamatory name not all will like, this is a great FB source of constant photo updates from worldwide protest (The wonderful Max Keiser describes it as the “global insurrection against banker occupation”)



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