Europe Kicks Off – Quick Notes On Bias In Coverage.

Massive protests are up and running again in Greece and Spain.

At the time of writing the BBC Main News page has the Greek protests as the main story.

Even the Europe page doesn’t mention the many 10s, probably hundreds of thousands who have surrounded the Spanish Parliament demanding the resignation of the government, but there is a medium priority item about the sacred markets in relation to Spain.

What is the difference between the 2 protests?

One has had more violence to show of course.

Mainstream press loves protest to be associated with violence, not dignity. When it isn’t violent, they can patronise or ignore instead.The question is either “This violence is unacceptable isn’t it?” (state violence is fine) or “This isn’t going to achieve anything though is it?”The violence in Greece is, of course,  the work of “anarchists”, not police (who are more likely to have voted for the not-even-very Neo Nazi Golden Dawn party than most).

Everyone who has reached snapping point with the despicable misery forced on the cradle of democracy by criminal banksters, and the racist lies used to justify it, is a Molotov wielding black block veteran, as are all anarchists in case you didn’t know. They can not possibly be ordinary poor and middle class people.

There’s no need to check facts. Fact checking is old fashioned journalism and costs too much money.
The underlying premise is that the people are clueless, not like the clever leaders and media pontificators.

The private press is of course an intrinsic part of the crime syndicate, but the BBC is meant to be different. However it lives in fear of the government changing funding arrangements, so in practice they are cyphers for the psychopaths.

At least in the USSR far more people knew the presented news was bollocks. Quite a lot of people over here still act as if it’s some kind of deliberately accurate representation.


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