Blatant Corruption: Does It Matter?

Shortly I will ask you to cast your mind all the way back to a full few months ago.

But first here’s a little sum I did: 300,000,000 divided by 10,400 = 28,846

Now, remember this?

It’s confirmation (like we needed it) that government policy is heavily influenced by bribery, £250k being “premier league” apparently.

What has happened to stop it since? I dimly recall someone said there will be “an inquiry”.

Isn’t that reassuring? I could check, but we can guess how effective it will be, even if it happens. As effective as all those amazing things they did to stop banks screwing up after 2008?

Nah, not THAT effective because we had moved on from this story within about a week.

But just for laughs here’s the Vice Chair of the Tory Party denying that it happened at all.

Q: “How long has this been going on?” A: “It hasn’t.”

That’s right. Cruddas (the crook in question) was only soliciting bribes whilst in charge of fundraising.

To translate for the serfs: This means bribes weren’t being solicited.

Note the huge stress Fallon places on the fact that all meetings the PM has with business folk are now recorded. Wow. If he meets someone we can know about it. Obviously if one happens that we ain’t told about then we won’t know that we don’t know.

But we will always know, because the government do NOT lie. Remember that. Like when Fallon told the truth before, about the thing not happening that we had just seen happening.

But the content of meetings isn’t public obviously, or content of email or phone call “feedback”, or face to face conversations with flunkies, you’d have to lots of digging even if they were, and it wouldn’t be reliable.

This calls to mind the fuss over the Levesson stuff when Jeremy Hunt was advised strongly not to have a meeting with one of the Murdoch crime syndicate, it would look bad he was told. But a phone call would be cool.

Anyhow, this Cruddas business was only a story of naked corruption, so as I said, little happened in consequence once the crook fell on his sword.

So why drag it all up again?

Well, what HAS happened since is a range of policy kite flying, proposals and the start of some policies being implemented on issues such as workfare, privatised policing and paying for healthcare in old age.

Naturally, none of these services will be delivered by government. Government has been giving up on that sort of thing for a generation, telling us how they are not appropriate to run anything much.

The idea that important infrastructure and services should be run by accountable government is “dinosaur socialism” you see.

If you think it a bit dubious that people in government to say “We’re useless really, we’re going to pay someone else to do stuff. Vote for us.” then you could be the sort of oddball that thinks soliciting bribes is actually soliciting bribes.

So who will run these services? Private companies.

What sort of private companies might effect the policies, having special access to ministers and wonks determining criteria for choosing who gets contracts, and the nature of the contracts, so that these strangely suit said companies, and give them a head start?

The ones that give money to the Tory party?

You have to admit it’s kind of possible.  And after all, what capitalist would give money without getting anything in return?

Labour were at it too of course, and we have PFI timebombs going off all over the place to remind us.

A London hospital has just gone into administration, losing a million quid a week of our money. But Labour will be too busy deriding tory economic illiteracy to notice.

We have just found out that G4S, a nefarious bunch of money loving authoritarians with a global reach, have ballsed up their contract to run Olympic security (there’s complaints aplenty about them elsewhere as well, hundreds).

Now back to that sum.

The G4S Olympic contract is £300m to supply 10 400 people

That’s £28 846.15 per person.

I’m obviously not sure of the direct wages plus NI for each person, but that would be a quarter of a million each pa pro rata if, including training, they were hired for something over a month.

Given that these will not generally be high paying jobs that seems like a great deal of money.
Someone has worked it out at £374 an hour for people being paid £6. Scrap anger. That’s worthy of several LOLs.

Cripes, it’s almost enough to suggest corrupt influence.

Can we link G4S to Tory donations? Yes, a bloke called Tom Winsor seems up to his neck in it for starters. Besides, it’s easy enough to do this in an undetectable fashion. Labour were caught at that as well.

And again, corporations would be daft not to bribe the government, competition being what it is and
them G4S being a world leader in the field (probably not least through bribing governments).

In fact, it being a legal duty for capitalists to maximise shareholder return, it could even be illegal for companies not to bribe the government if such an option is made available (by a bloke not making it available for example).

G4S are already running quite a lot of services. Are they interested in running any more, perhaps for absurdly vast amounts of our money?

Indeed they are. Because now, at long last, the government has caved into to all the protests and petitions by encouraging police functions to be contracted out. You remember the protests don’t you? Oh, hang on…no one mentioned it, I must have been mixing things up. It wasn’t mentioned in election campaigns that I remember, in fact…it’s never been on the agenda at all really has it?

The idea of using inefficient, less skilled and less accountable people to do police functions when police are facing massive cuts could be a bit controversial if you think about it, especially if the largest firm offering to do it is demonstrably inept and charges vastly over the odds.

How has it come up?

Perhaps there is some method by which greedy companies bribe corrupt governments regarding the drawing up of policy. But we would need evidence of that. Like video evidence say…and we don’t have that because someone said that what happened didn’t happen. Or something.

Here’s a great idea that might start to expose things a little: What if a professional body of people, say journalists, were to constantly ask ministers and the like if anyone connected with vastly profiting companies had been donating money to the tory party?

I guess that’s a bit much to ask for though. After all, journalists didn’t figure out that interest rates were being diddled when loads of people in the finance world did, including Mervyn King. And journalists said no one saw the 2008 crash coming when loads of people saw it coming. Oh well, it was a nice idea.

I know anyone half paying attention knows all of this, and I could fill out with more detail to substantiate, but what is more concerning is that, after so many years, we all seem to take it in our stride now.

Though it usually takes upwards of 5 or 6 years of government to bring on this sense of malaise, not the 2 and a bit this shambles have managed to clock up.

Does blatant corruption matter?

“Cognitive Dissonance” is the ability we have to hold 2 contradictory ideas in our head at once. It’s not a million miles from double think, or some fool telling you something didn’t happen when he just saw it happening.

Perhaps lots of people are still in a frame of mind where they know there is naked corruption but still can’t really believe it.

Do they fear the consequences of acceptance perhaps? Do they not know how they would or should act?
Are many kept busy working so hard to keep afloat and paying taxes for government to pass on to finance fraudsters?

Whatever the case, please hold in your mind that it is not a conspiratorial notion that the government is a criminal entity, and that it serves criminal entities, very often to our detriment.

It should not be a controversial thing to say, anyone who acts like it is can either not be paying attention, or has a self serving reason to act that way.

The government is inept, corrupt and illegitimate. It will stay that way unless we do something about it.

Whoever forms the next government will know how badly they can behave by how we behave towards them now.

This post is not intended as incitement against the criminals in government, who facilitate the biggest robbery in history, from us, on behalf of their corporate tax dodging paymasters.

All acts deemed unlawful by our criminal government are undertaken at the citizens own risk and at according to their own conscience.

Good luck in any case.


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