Greeks “Make Decision No One Put To Them” – Computers Happy. Rejoice.

“Greeks have voted to stay in the Euro”

Have they really?

Pro and anti bailout, all leading parties are pro Euro and always were.

There has never been a poll I know of where Greeks said they wanted to leave the Euro.

There is no mechanism to kick countries out of the Euro (despite the fraud pulled by Goldman Sachs to enter Greece in the first place)

What is the media on about? It’s a constructed and consistent lie that they all came to believe without question.

On this was built a campaign of bullying, lecturing the cradle of democracy into a completely falsely presented choice.

The standard of UK journalism has been worse than woeful. You’re better off not listening to them at all, but just guessing.

The results of Sunday’s election look scarcely more conclusive than for the one that preceded it.

The margin between 1st (New Democracy – centre right) and 2nd (Syriza – new-ish radical left coalition) was so narrow that the fear factor could well have decided.

An anecdotal “on the ground” polling morning tweet told of the mother who had just voted. She had wanted to back Syriza, but plumped for ND saying “fear won”. The tweeter spoke of many similar floaters like her.

It is even possible that the football gods played a role. Sporting success tends to favour the establishment at elections,  surprise progress of Greece to the Euro Quarter finals will have shifted some moods for sure and it’s funny how these things play out (as is the fact that Greece play Germany in the next round).

Despite narrow ND victory (bolstered by a 50 seat bonus for the winners in the Greek system) the main trend was that Syriza continued to build, notably at the expense of KKE (more traditional communists) and PASOK (most closely comparable with UK Labour)

For my money Syriza remain the most relevant voice against the global finance cult /crime syndicate that exists today.

A broad based strongly anti austerity coalition calls out the criminals for what they are, polls 2nd twice in a row with limited budget, and knocks holes out of the traditional compromised soft left party as well as the orthodox communists.

They are keen to spread their message internationally. This is a model for forging a European populist genuine left that shakes off the curse of neoliberal nonsense swallowed by the likes of UK Labour which helped facilitate the dreadful, anti democratic, Lisbon Treaty and other  right wing impositions the EU had no moral right to place on Sovereign governments.

The irony is that though fear may have won, co operation with bailout and austerity will most likely prolong the agony for Greece and everyone else who is sucked in to this vortex of fear, lies and larceny. Fear breeds more fear, and feeds those for whom it is a stock in trade.

Anyhow, the same media and “leaders” who brought us the mess and 4 years of failure to deal with it seem confident this could now be the “right” result.

The market gods were at least momentarily happy. That is the main thing isn’t it?

What are the “markets”?

70% or more is computers trading, principally by the desire to seek out margins and commissions that make more money for oligarchs. There is a great deal of game playing in this, for whom I can not recommend Max Keiser highly enough as an entertaining expert guide.

The computers’ attentions rarely stay on the same place for long – flitting between economies looking for low hanging fruit. A currency spanning 17 treasury departments will always provide these, hence the calls for more “consolidation” – sounds sensible in some ways but is hugely anti democratic and risks populist rightist backlash while the soft left is still way too enamoured with what the EU has become.

When a government lands in a mess for owing too much to the banks they bailed out the people who really run things call for more massive bailouts, or else there will be “chaos”.

Remember: “money for Greece” is not money for Greece. It is money for Greece to give to banks.

By such blackmail and financial terrorism governments commit endless scores and hundreds of billions it’s hard to keep track of, while lecturing us to tighten our own belts.

At one level it seems like, and is, funny money. But until governments decide different it is all predicated on the real labour, resources and infrastructure of this and future generations.

Not that the tail is wagging the dog or anything.

In Greece ND and PASOK (centre left, 3rd place) now are the most solid bet to form a coalition to keep screwing Greek people into the ground to suit the crime syndicate.

Smaller parties may well play a role, some are pro bailout and others not. The electoral maths are very hard to predict when combined with possible horse-trading up ahead.

But thanks to the influence of Syrzia even a re negotiation of terms and more focus on growth seem likely already.

But there are many ways a new coaltion could be strangled at birth.

Syriza can, to a point, sit back and wait in the short term for things to go wrong, perhaps ready to make Greece the first EU “Iceland” (research how Iceland handled this crisis and ask yourself why it is never mentioned)

But Syriza would probably need PASOK to play ball. Perhaps the soft left will be willing to by that point.

In the meantime the shocking under reported genuine misery of Greek people will probably not improve, regardless of what coalition is or isn’t built. Neither will the propensity of the mainstream to blame them for something far beyond their control. If racist stereotypes are needed to prop up the narrative, so be it.

But if something is cobbled together they can shift focus for a while to Spain and the need to er… give lots of money to banks to stave off “chaos” emerging there instead.

No matter that the cult cheerleaders say the solution could be just over the next hill, round the next bend, just another squillion in favourable loans, quantitative easing or straight out bungs to keep the wolf from the door.

The smackhead will always come back for more smack till someone tells them “no”. Better sooner than later. For now though he looks like he may just get another fix. And the computers are happy. Rejoice.


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One Response to Greeks “Make Decision No One Put To Them” – Computers Happy. Rejoice.

  1. Peter Allen says:

    Great stuff Steve. Apart from defending some British journalists (Paul Mason, Larry Elliott for example) I agree with your analysis. If the football angle was ever proved that might be the camel that finally breaks the back of the fragile legitimacy of the current order .
    Will be retweating .

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