Why Greece Matters To You.

A concerted and racist campaign is being waged against the birthplace of modern democracy.

It’s stuffed to the hilt with lies we are fed daily.

The tools are used worldwide but Greece is at the frontline, for now at least. If they’re made to capitulate a similar pattern of lies will apply elsewhere, probably Spain for what it’s worth, just as with Ireland before.

Greece is soon to have a 2nd election, the last one failed to produce a government. As in many nations, support for traditional establishment parties decreased to the benefit of, in this case, mostly leftist radicals and, to a smaller extent, fascists.

A coalition called Syriza were the main victors. This is an excellent piece on who Syriza are by Paul Mason of Newsnight.

I guage them the western world’s most vital political movement at the moment – I’ve been round the block a bit too much, but they could be something of a light in the darkness.

I will highlight what Mason says about this broad coalition’s strong roots in the anti globalisation movement going back 2 decades, the most successful mature expression of that movement I think we have seen so far.

Quick aside about the Golden Dawn fascists: I have never been a victim of racist violence so it is easy for me to say, but I think the press rather overhyped their 7%. It’s not that great a shock for the parlous state Greece is in, and they were still beaten by many parties including the old style communists, who are not part of Syriza (many of those traditional communist votes could now go to Syriza). I anticipate Golden Dawn will do better next time, but not massively so. But if they do, expect the disproportionate fetish for fascism that the bourgeoisie press can generally be relied upon to display (not for nothing did the west back proto fascist dictatorship in Greece between WWII and the 70s).

Back to Syriza – they came second behind the centre right New Democracy, now they head most polls. Comparisons with Occupy are a probably incongruous and unfair, but Syriza have a clearly recognisable program and popularity that have so far eluded Occupy.

They have been completely uncompromising in their stance. They have labelled the banking vultures and their puppet politicians for what they are – criminals.

So the criminals are bricking it: Their hopes of bullying Greece to privatise just about everything (including using treasures such as The Parthenon, more the property of all humanity than just the Greeks, as co lateral), their vision of forcing future generations further into their servitude – these might be on the skids if troublesome democracy gets in the way.

Thus the parade of people saying how dire things will be if those pain-in-the-arse Greeks vote to be treated as human beings, instead of knowing their place far beneath the sacred gods of banks and markets.

Did even Zeus demand such sacrifice? I bloody hope not.

How many such “experts” said/lied of the 2008 crisis that “no one saw it coming”?  Useless then, they have done nothing to improve things since (in fact much banking behaviour has got worse). Pardon my French, but what in the name of fuck makes them think we should listen now?

Why do the media give them airtime? How many seasons would a sports commentator last if they kept on saying Bolton Wanderers were certs for the treble?

Every day non Greeks of non-existent or dubious democratic mandate tell Greeks to be good eggs and vote for a party that will sell them further down the river.

The last “analysis” I heard on the BBC was by a Goldman Sachs Executive. He didn’t  just lecture Greece on how to vote, but sneaked in a pitch for the EU and governments to give more money to banks. Banks like Goldman Sachs for example. Because they just haven’t been given enough.

For those that don’t know, Goldman Sachs made hay helping Greece cook the books to get in the Euro in the first place, sowing many of the seeds of this mess. The “expert” interviewer didn’t get round to mentioning that.

Rather than a peek under that stone we hear ceaseless talk of the Greeks “having to leave the Euro” if they dare to vote for the wrong people.

Do the Greeks generally want to leave the Euro? Nope.

What is the mechanism for kicking them out? Er…there isn’t one.

So why all the talk of being “forced out”? Why don’t “experts” and journalists, who should know more about this than a random ranty blogger, mention these glaring issues?

Part of the disinformation campaign against Greece (as against other countries) is that these bailouts are for people or governments. But where do the bailouts mostly go? To banks.

To blankly say the money is for the country demeans any remaining good name of the journalist profession. It also insults anyone who is paying attention.

How much easier to tell us all that Greeks are “lazy” and “dodgy” rather than ‘fess up to complicity in history’s biggest rip-off, so we get more excuses for impoverishing this and future generations for money junkies and cultists.

The elites continue through this period to increase their share of wealth, at the same time they tell us we must suffer, it’s all our greedy fault (for doing what they said and buying a bit too much stuff).

The age old “divide and rule”  keeps meaningful opposition befuddled, scrapping amonst ourselves on lines of class, race or whatever comes to hand.

Public v private sector workers is a favourite in this country: phone-in shows and talkboards feature endless whines on lines of “I’m treated like shit so we must make sure you are too.”

It’s especially easy to say Greeks are “lazy” when most of us experience their nation basking in resort paradises or enjoying some of the finest treasures of humanity. The natives don’t really work do they? They just sort of hang around…the whole country must be exactly like that…

By the way, one area to examine of real wasted money would be in Greece being a leading buyer of arms, not least from Germany (SUPRISE!) , stoked by historical mistrust of the Turks who are in NATO anyway.

The latest anti Greek rant comes from Christine Lagard of the IMF. Who voted for her? No one.

Cameron has no mandate for his disastrous and disgusting policies here, but still felt qualified to tell people at the other end of the continent how to vote earlier this week. Imagine the fuss if a Greek politician started treating talking down to us like that.

What happens if a nation defaults? Does the sky fall on our heads? No, but the game might look like it’s up: Bankers get less than they wanted and politicians have to think a bit differently, which might hurt their poor brains. Instead of staggering on from crisis to crisis, things get worse than they might have been for a while, but adapt to new circumstances, almost as if society were composed of human beings.

Argentina was back selling bonds not too long after defaulting (huge theft and fraud behind that mess too). Even the ratings agency clowns recognise that Iceland is on a much surer road than the likes of Ireland now. What did Iceland do? Elect a radical government (with a high female contingent) who told the international crime syndicate to more or less do one. Oh, they arrested a lot of bankers as well.

The Euro was politically contrived (for good and bad reasons). Any currency with dozens of nations and dozens of separate treasuries will always have low hanging fruit for vultures to short sell. Fine detail on which country is in most shit at any time matters less than that principle – it will always be someone. Spain is a much bigger worry on the horizon, Italy too. And don’t think being out the Euro saves our Blighty behinds either.

Greece matters so much because they could give the biggest “no” yet to the heist faction (Iceland being notably outside the Euro and is routinely ignored, almost as if no one wants us to know a nation can do ok from defaulting and arresting bankers)

If Greece stands up to the criminals there will be serious worry about them screwing more out of the Spanish and Italians. They might have to take speculation losses on the chin like the serfs (that’s us gang!)

More than likely the treasury functions of the Eurozone will centralise further so that the unelected European Central Bankers can be the lender of last (and frequent) resort to the spivs (guess who the new ECB boss used to work for?)

What should happen?

Well apart from a financial transaction tax (“Robin Hood” or Tobin Tax), Glass Steagal type legislation and bank break-ups to rein in the spivs and limit their damage, newly created money shouldn’t be going to the banking fraudsters at all.

It should go to governments for massive infrastructure projects that employ people and cut out the surplus extracting privateer. This is old fashioned because it means means elected governments being responsible for what people still think they elect them for. These should be green projects: housing and public transport are very obvious needs. I daresay the Victorian UK sewers could do with a few quid spent as well.

But for now the governments will likely still dole out the money to banks (in fact the EU pretty much demands it)

Then we can sit around wondering if the banks will

(i)  lend it out at non extortion rates to people and small / medium business.

(ii) keep it towards the next screw up

(iii) piss it up the wall on more “exotic finance instruments” that produce nothing – each transaction gaining a cut to themselves, keeping gains if the gamble wins, offseting losses and putting them towards the next bailout/blackmail demands.

Clearly (i) doesn’t get much of a look in.

A few months down the line it’s “We need more money, give it or there will be catastrophe”.

These instalments tend to be measured between 10 and perhaps 40+ billion each time . A much bigger burst came with 1 Trillion Euro from the ECB over Christmas (a period where traditionally no one is paying attention).

consider against those  kind of figures that it is rare for any one austerity measure against actual people to save even half a billion.

The derivatives mess that came to light in late 2008 is still unwinding (the “black hole” was estimated then at something like £1,000,000,000,000,000 – a quadrillion). In fact another mess has been created on top of it. And it’s no good saying “it’s a global situation” if the global powerhouse of the fraud tends to be London.

The governments serve the banks not least because the governments increasingly are the banks. The Italian PM isn’t elected, what dated rot that would be. He is a banker. They don’t say that. Bit vulgar and obvious. They call him a “technocrat”. There’s plenty of it around. This article from the Independent is a good start

The European Central Bank question I posed earlier? Their new boss worked for Goldman Sachs as do many treasury wonks the world over. Funny innit? Does he have a democratic mandate or level of accountability to dream up funny money to give to his mates? Don’t be daft, and don’t worry, it’s just you and your kids who are paying.

Theses attacks on the ordinary people and sovereignty of the ancient and noble Greek people are an attack on the dignity and sovereignty of all of us.

Challenge it wherever you find it. Ask yourself why the media so rarely lift the stone on the ongoing psychopathic fraud still driving the global disaster.

None of us asked for it. Are we really so screwed because we had one too many holidays, bought a slightly extravagant telly or built too many hospitals? (obviously PFI fraud didn’t help with the last one)

Pardon the language again, but are we bollocks.

Our major collective insanity was to be sucked into the lies of finance capital – but why not hold them accountable at least as much as ourselves instead of continuing to destroy our economies at their behest?

Sub prime was the canary in the coal mine for the person in the street, but the whole system was built on lies stacked on greed, weak or corrupt governments and wantonly inept media. Nearly 5 years since Northern Rock went down they are still desperate to pretend the game isn’t up.

The way they screw and talk down to Greek people is the same way they screw and patronise us all,  though a bit more desperate since the Greeks stood up to them a bit. I hope we make them that desperate some day soon. There is no mandate for what this government and the bizarrely inept Osborne are up to.

The US Declaration Of Independence (not exactly a leftist tract) reminds us that it is not a right to overthrow tyranny, it is a citizen’s duty.

Is it enough to wait for 3 years, cross our fingers, put 1 X in a box and hope against all reasonable hope that the nightmare will end?

In a word: Nope.

See you on the streets. Solidarity with the people of Greece. Syriza represent the most plausible alternative to the nightmare we have seen.

PS: watch the upcoming Irish referendum on new EU powers to rip people off to help banks as well.


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