“Today In History”

Wow! Is it really a whole year since the astonishing debacle of the EDL Blackburn demo? So much disaster and decline has been crammed in since, but hot on the heels of “muslamic rayguns” this was a major sign that the wheels were comming off. Turnouts had been declining, but this was quite healthy.

Sadly, too many people had been calling out Lennon for being a money grabbing cokehead and he headbutted someone out of mistaken identity, completely losing control of the knucklescrape mess, tightly penned in and not knowing what on earth was going on.

It marked the proper split with NWI/NEI as well, fed up with pretending not to be racist. It was such a disaster that within a few days Cokeweasel put out a special silly video making rambling excuses and blaming other people – hyped up and trailed with an authoritirian reverence oddly reminiscent of that shown to state propaganda in the USSR.

I think I am right that it was one of the last times Guramit Singh made an appearance too, getting quite a bit of abuse. A female speaker got bottled on the stage as well. What an inspiration to Englands people, and credit to her heritage!

So that’s that then. Forgotten facemasks gather dust on shelves, and where once were thousands now are handfuls. Whatever they think of Islam, the people of England have been unimpressed at best. The demos are the same awful dirge, just with less people.

Supporters might stick up links to any article that can be found where a muslim did something bad, and get a minor thrill out of being rude or externalising strange hollow bitterness. But otherwise the battle is lost. The majority have surrendered.

On Saturday a Europe-wide gathering of the “biggest protest movement in the world” was very far short of being even the biggest protest movement at their own protest.

Yep, it was all pretty much downhill after Blackburn, so what are your favourite memories of the hilarious farce?


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