The Rise of Privileged Victimhood. The Privelictims have spoken.

Van Rants

In recent decades, we have seen the emergence of a new class of people.  A class which transcends the old working/middle/upper class divisions.  This new class consists of those who have actually had a very good deal from life, but who now consider themselves some kind of victim of oppression.  A new demographic who have become, for want of a better word, spoiled.  A demographic who were given everything they ever could desire, but who never stop complaining!

A new class of people, people who come from all walks of life, has emerged.  A class which is the equivalent of the wrapped-in-cotton-wool child – in receipt of considerable social and material advantage, considerable political and media representation, yet constantly complaining that the world is biased against them.

These are the Privileged Victims, Privelictims – collectively, the Privelictorate.  This new class transcends the old systems.  A Privelictim can come from the…

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Fascists routed in Liverpool: the end of National Action?

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Carers now being targeted by the DWP. 

The poor side of life

Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all the changes that are occurring in the DWP. It seems like a never ending turnstile of changes. I usually get alerted to the big changes fairly early on before they happen, but I missed this one.

A lady approached me outside the Jobcentre yesterday during our weekly demonstration. To say she was a bit annoyed was an understatement. She is a full time carer for her disabled son. His condition is unpredictable at times and as a result they are in receipt of a high level DLA payment. It’s not easy to get a high level award and this lady has fought very hard to get this.

She had received a letter from the Jobcentre. She had been asked to go into the Jobcentre for a mandatory back to work meeting. To make matters worse they didn’t send her to her nearest…

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The ‘disabled’ are exempt from the benefit cap? Not even Severe Disablement Allowance exempts

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Housing “Subsidies”: A Lie And The Lapdogs Who Re-tell It.

One move mentioned as likely in this weeks budget is to make people pay more for social housing if their household income is above £30,000 (this can be quite a modest sum, especially if a joint income)

It’s a nasty and problematic idea for many reasons, as well as being anti-aspirational, and thus two faced.

But perhaps most telling and insidious is the lie that paying less than market rates for social housing implies a “subsidy”, and the way such a carefully calibrated lie is spooned out as truth by “journalists” even in “serious” quarters of the press.

By law, social housing has to be priced at 80% of market rates. The idea now is to squeeze the extra 20% out of people, even though the rents more than pay for the housing itself. There is no subsidy. To say there is a subsidy is a deliberate propaganda lie.

This false “subsidy” notion can only be rooted in an ideology that any commodity not subject to profiteering is, de facto, subsidised, even if it’s a commodity, such as shelter, essential to a reasonable human existence.

It’s an ideology borne of generations of fundamentalism, now hard wired into the public mindset to the extent that such lies as this “subsidy” notion come in for zero scrutiny.

So despite lack of private profit not equating with “subsidy”, the likes of the BBC and Independent repeat this nonsense – nonsense that a moderately astute child could detect, but that high end “journalists” can’t quite manage to.

Speaking of subsidies though, the House of Commons Tearooms offer prime smoked Scottish salmon with capers & fresh dill and fresh country bread for £2.75.…Tea Room Lunch Dinner Tariff Sept 10.pdf.html

Ok, maybe that’s the actual cost price including staff wages and overheads, but somehow I doubt it.

Banking criminals and their agents in “government” are genuinelly and massively subsidised, from their tearooms to the trillions in bailouts and quantitative easing.

Working people are not subsidised just for living in social housing. The government and media are lying about them.

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Work and be sanctioned. 

The poor side of life

A few months ago I wrote about this but people are only just starting to pick up on it. Maybe it’s because the veil of secrecy that surrounds universal credit is being slowly unveiled and the press are now taking note.

Because Ashton Under Lyne Jobcentre is a universal credit trial Jobcentre we always get the displeasure of trying out their new schemes earlier than everyone else. As a result we get to see the tragedy caused by their trials before anyone else. I do try and spread the word so please share.

Universal credit is designed to eventually take over our much loved tax credit benefit scheme. Despite its faults and mysterious over payments that they say that people owe they are a lifeline to many many working and non working people. Wages for many are just too low to survive on so we have to claim a top…

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How Easily The Fickle Rich Are Swayed, Russell Brand Puts Down His Pitchfork

the void

brand-cancelledIt’s hardly surprising that Eddie Izzard, Alan Partridge and now even Russell Brand all want us to vote Labour.  They are the people the modern Labour Party represents after all.  Millionaires who feel a bit guilty about poverty and stuff but don’t want to change things too much.  At least not so much that it might make an impact on their own cosseted lives.

Russell Brand will never face a Compulsory Jobs Guarantee, the latest mass workfare scheme that Labour plan to introduce.  He will not have his income capped and be socially cleansed from his fashionable address like the families who will fall victim to Labour’s planned regional Benefit Caps.  He had his time dicking about on benefits when he was young, unlike the 18-21 year olds who will face their benefits being removed completely if Labour win power this week.

It is this last policy that tells us…

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